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What's it about? - Donations that cost nothing.

Welovelocal is a review site with a twist, and a good heart. They are an interesting combination between social networking and review site - they appear to have taken the approach that the best way to get you to visit and participate is to make their site a good place to be.

The exciting thing is that now, for each review from London Daily Photo readers, they will donate 50p to my fund.

Sorry, but it's ONLY for London at the moment Whoa! seems they are accepting reviews from across the UK now.

So, How?

It's really, really easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit and sign up to Welovelocal
  2. Join the London Daily Photo Group here
  3. Write a review of whatever - a plumber, restaurant, mechanic, pub.
  4. Add your review to the London Daily Photo group (see detail below)
  5. That's it
  6. Really, that's it

Detail - how to use welovelocal

I'll put the important bit first, and explain more later: Once you have added your review, you need to add it to the London Daily Photo group. It's really easy. Go to the "My Blackbook" tab, and click on the "Reviews" option, all the reviews you have written will be listed. Below each is an "Add to Groups" button. Click on that and all the groups you have joined will be listed. Check the box for London Daily Photo, and click "Go".

Joining a group is easy. Click on the "My Groups" tab, search for London Daily Photo and click "join".

In general, welovelocal is very easy and intuitive to use. It's aim appears to be to crossover into the social networking arena, allowing people to share preferences and experiences. The only thing that you may need to be told is that all your info in "My Blackbook" tab - Profile , Reviews etc.

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