Hamilton's Home Site
This page is devoted to the written things in any form, novels, poetry, lyrics, cartoons. I hope you will be interested in what you find, possibly stimulated. Send me your suggestions for inclusion onthis page at hamilton@effective-software.co.uk.

The material included here will be of two types, either stuff I have particularly enjoyed or stuff that you almost certainly won't have come across anywhere before, for your enjoyment. Each page has an eMail link if you would like to request more of any author.

Where to start? how about with some poems in the "Who????" section....

  • Fran Landesman, Make Lemonade. From her collection "More Truth Than Poetry". London based, she has a few publications - her most famous is "The Ballad of the Sad Young Men" which has been turned into a jazz song. Don't ask me who sings it.
  • Pete Atkin, Beware of the Beautiful Stranger. This is one of the songs, written by Clive James sung by Pete Atkin which are unique in the rock/folk pantheon - if only because nobody (much) has ever heard them. There is an excellent site devoted to Pete-abilia at http://www.rwt.co.uk/pa.htm with almost all the lyrics, Real Audio clips etc you could possibly want. If you like this lyric, do pay it a vist.
  • Harry Graham - Ruthless Rhymes OK, so Harry Graham isn't such an unknown, but if you haven't met him before, you're in for a treat!
OK, On to the book front. These are some books that I have enjoyed, of the "Can't put down" variety. The link is mostly to the first chapter which I scanned in using OCR. It's a bit like browsing through a bookshop. (I won't post any more of individual books - it's up to you to buy or borrow it if you want to read it).
  • Robertson Davies - The Rebel Angels. RD is one of my all time favorite authors. His books (all too few!) are all a rich extravaganza spanning the most obtruse subjects. The Cornish Trilogy (of which this is the first) is set in academia, and is a gripping adventure involving mysticism, vaudeville, opera, art and more.
  • Paul Theroux - My Secret History. PT is not a comfortable writer, and this is not an entirely comfortable book although it is not one of his most disquieting (Millroy the Magician probably gets that title). Here we have a book, written in the style of an autobiography, which throws too much of a sharp spotlight on many of those areas which we all probably feel are best left alone. By the same token, most will probably find more than a shade of recognition of an uncofortably kindred spirit - especially if you had a religious family background. Compulsive reading for me, anyway.
  • J B Priestly - Delight I'm cheating a little here, because Delight is out of print, and likely to remain so. However, it probably deserves the title of the most cheerful book ever, consisting of short essays on things that - delight - the author. I've posted four for your pleasure. For some reason, Priestly seems to have been passed over, but books like "The Image Makers" and "Good Companions", and many more, deserve better recognition.