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I like cars. The modern Eurobox may be a very efficient method of transportation - reliable, comfortable and safe to a degree that would only have been dreamed of only twenty years ago, but they are vehicles, not cars. The "car" is the last known relative of the horseless carriage, a method of transport that harks back to a time - not that long ago - when you had to work together with the horse to get where you wanted to go. For me, then, the car must be possessed of a character. And, yes, character is shorthand for unreliable. Even so, I will always prefer the concept of motoring, where one proceeds through the environment aware of your surroundings to driving, which has the sole purpose of arriving at a destination.

The car I have at the moment is a Singer, and worth a look. If you are interested in the Singer marque, or if you see mine and want to see more, do visit http://homepages.shu.ac.uk/~kjbarnes, an excellent site on all things Singer.